Cozac & Asociatii is a law firm, member of the Romanian Bar Association in the Timiş Bar Chamber.

Cozac & Asociatii covers through its services the entire Romania, generally directly and in exceptional situations through it's local partners.

Cozac & Asociatii is the result of Mrs. Lawyer Rodica M. Cozac more than 30 years professional expertise coroborated with the expertise and dynamism of the younger lawyer's generation.

Cozac & Asociatii consolidated during time because of the team spirit and permanent preocupation for perfection, developing constantly and becaming today one of the main actors of the lawyer's stage - in the western part of the country.

Cozac & Asociatii is member of Ars Legis.

Ars Legis


Managing Partner

Mrs. Rodica M. Cozac has graduated the Law School of the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca in 1975.

Since 1975 lawyer, barrister, member of Timis Bar Chamber.

Founder of Cozac & Asociatii (1995).

Manager of the firm and of the litigation department.

Mrs. Lawyer Rodica M. Cozac has as main practice area litigation in: commercial law, civil law, civil execution law.


Senior Partner

Mr. Mihnea Onofrei has graduated the Law School of the Bucharest University in 2000.

Master Degree (LL.M.) in Intelectual Property Law (2001) University Tübingen- Germany.

Since 2000 lawyer, barrister, member of Timis Bar Chamber.

Junior Associate of Cozac & Asociatii since 2000, partner since 2005.

Manager of the business law and real estate law consulting department.

Mr. Mihnea Onofrei has as main practice area consulting and litigation in: real estate law, comercial law, corporate law, competition law, Intelectual Property Law, building law, land law.


Senior Associate

Mrs. Ariana Merza has graduated the Law School of the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca in 1994.

Master Degree in Business Law (1997) Timisoara Vest University.

Since 1996 lawyer, barrister, member of Timis Bar Chamber.

Senior Associate of Cozac & Asociatii since 2008.

Mrs.Lawyer Ariana Merza has as main practice area litigation in: comercial law, civil law, labor law.


Junior Associate

Miss Raluca Popa has graduated the Law School of the Vest University in Timisoara in 2008.

Master Degree in Business Law (2010) Timisoara Vest University.

Since 2009 lawyer, barrister, member of Timis Bar Chamber. Junior Associate of Cozac & Asociatii since 2009.

Miss Lawyer Raluca Popa has as main practice area consulting and litigation in: comercial law, civil law.


Cozac & Asociatii covers through the proffesionalism of it's lawyers a variety of law branches, both from public law as from private law.

In private law area, our expertise starts with the classic Civil Law, Heritage Law, Family Law and completes with Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Competition law, Intelectual Property Law and not at least Labor Law.

In public law area the main branch is Administrative Law together with it's subbranches: Fiscal Law, Banking Law, Customs Law, Building Law.


In litigation area our service consist in the preliminary consulting before starting the litigation and the decision of the opportunity of starting a litigation and the identification of the ways of solving the problem without the Justice Courts intervention.

In case trial is the only solution, Cozac & Asociatii provides legal assistance and court representation in front of the Romanian Courts of all degrees, Local Court, County Court, Appeal Court, Supreme Court, and finally, assistance and representation at the legal executors.

Very important is of course the legal assistance and representation in front of the Arbitration Court as well as during the negociation that generally preceed litigation.


Business consulting is dedicated to the investors.The Investors, Romanians or not, are natural persons but mainly companies which intend to take part in a deal "aquisition/ selling" of real estate, credits, goods and services as well as corporate participations.

Business consulting provides legal investigation of situations, we issue legal opinions regardind these situations , we evaluate the legal risks and provide assistance for deal closing, as we issue all the necessary documents for the closing.

We also isuue the deal-scheddule, cost estimation and generally any necessary paper for the procedure.

In consulting we issue and analise/change any kind of agreements and participate at negociations, offering assistance during the entire procedure until finish.

Consulting means also co-operation, with notary, tax advisors, translators, experts, topography-cadaster companies, but also with the State Authorities involved in the deal procedure, such as Local Council, County Council, Prefectura, Land Register, Trade Register, etc.

Consulting is provided in Romanian, German and English.


Cozac & Asociatii adresses both to natural and to legal persons.

For the natural persons we solve matters in Family Law, Heritage Law, Real Estate Law, Labor Law, Intelectual Property Law, Insurance Law but also Corporate Law for those who have or intend to have participations in companies.

Our clients are from Romania but also from a large number of countries around the world such as: Austria, Germany, Israel, Hungaria, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Siria, Turkey, Ireland, Holland, Belgium.

For the legal persons we deal with associations and foundations, companies from small to big and State authorities.

For confidentiality reasons we will not nominate our clients here.

The areas in which our clients legal persons act are:

- Associations and Foundations - Romania- cultural societies and universitary education, charity societies.

- Companies having the main headquarters in Romania and in states such as: Austria, Germany, Israel, Hungaria, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Siria, Turkey, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Cyprus, Luxembourg which act in the following economical branches:
aviation, airports, food industry, agriculture and zootehnie, real estate developers, real estate agenties, construction and installations industry, ceramics and sanitary objects industry, hair manufacturers, mining industry, energy and oil industry, software industry, metalurgical industry, automotive industry, healthcare.


Cozac şi Asociaţii SCPA

Filaret Barbu No 17 street floor 1

300192 Timişoara, RO

Timiş County, Romania

Telefon: +40 256 292 737

Fax: + 40 256 437 200

Email: office(at)


The Deschan Palace- historical monument.

The Building was finished in neoclassical style (renaissance-greek) in the Year 1735 by the De Jean family of french origin, which later changed their name in Deschan de Hansenn.

Between 1802 and 1841 the southern wing was rebuilded, the northern part which frames the square yard remained untouchet in it's genuine pattern, being during time a well known local trade center.

In the year 2005 the building was completely renovated, while keeping the old architecture and transformed in an nice office building an century level.


Our Office is located in the downtown of Timisoara in teh Cetate quarter.

To the Airport there are cca 9 km and cca 15 miuntes to drive.

To the Nord Railway Station there are cca 4 km and cca 15 minutes to drive.

Our Office is opposite to Hotel Continental and Shopping Center Bega where pay- parking is possible.

Finally round us there are the branches of almost all the banks in Romania, The Dicasterial Palace - The Justice Palace which hosts Timisoara Local Court, Timis County Court and Timisoara Appeal Court, several notary offices, executors, translators, experts an not at last several restaurants.


Complete name:

Cozac şi Asociaţii- societate civilă profesională de avocaţi (SCPA)

Functioning according to the Timis Bar Chamber Decision no. 47/2005, fiscal code 17830220 and fiscal atribute RO, fiscally registered in Timişoara -300056 Ionel I.C. Brătianu square no. 1 ap. 4, and mail adress in Timisoara 300054, Proclamaţia de la Timişoara st. no. 5 floor 2 ap. 9

Cozac şi Asociaţii has accounts opened at the following banks:

ING Bank Timişoara
RO70 INGB 0000 9999 0601 1517

ING Bank NV Amsterdam
RO42 INGB 0000 9999 0601 1536

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